About Us

About LXG

League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG) was founded in August, 2013. LXG was rated the best gaming lounge in India within 6 months of its launch due to it’s high end gaming rigs, ambience & its attached amenities at the lounge. Catering not only to casual gamers, LXG believes in encouraging the E-Sports scene in India by hosting large scale tournaments – standalone & in collaboration with larger consumer electronic brands. With a thriving positive response from the gaming community, LXG began its expansion with multiple franchises in the 2016.

About LXG Shop

E-Sports has been booming and this derives the need for gamers to own their own custom gaming PC and/or peripherals. To help strive and grow this potential market, we have launched LXG Shop, an online one stop shop for all gaming needs a person can imagine and desire. From core PC components such as motherboard and processor, to gaming peripherals such as keyboard and mouse,
to PC games and goodies, we have it all. LXG Shop is for all you gamers out there.